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Congratulations Ava Reading for being the winner of the Kieran Brown Memorial Flying Scholarship for 2023.

Ava is a Grade 10 student at Mt St Michael's College at Ashgrove, where she consistently receives Academic Excellence awards and has been a finalist in the National Future Problem Solving competition and Australian Space Design competition.

Ava has been going to Air League since the age of 13. She proudly describes herself as being 'a profound aviation, astronomy and aerospace geek' and aspires to one day be a fighter pilot in the RAAF.


14 June 2023

I hope you are having a fantastic week 

I just thought I’d let you know that I finally completed my first lesson on Saturday!

It was so so amazing, and it was the perfect weather for flying too. 

We flew East near Straddie and practiced a bunch of things like;

  1. The primary and secondary effects of flight controls 

  2. Trimming 

  3. Reading the instruments 

  4. Adjusting the throttle

I also made sure to ask lots of questions throughout the lesson

When we were about to take off, there was a photographer near the runway taking a photo of the Eurofox, so Jimmy decided to do a short takeoff and that was super cool too.   

My next lesson is planned for the 20th of June, and I can’t wait. 

Thank you again for this opportunity! 😊

26 July 2023

My flying lessons have been going really, really well! I’m starting to really understand the theory, understand the radio terminology, and obviously I’m loving the flight

On Sunday I had Josh take me for my flight on ‘Turns’. I think this has been one of my favorite lessons to date. We flew out to the Eastern Training Area near Straddie. We practiced normal turns, climbing turns and descending turns. I must say you can definitely get a bit dizzy going in circles. I started to really get the hang of it in the end.

I also did many of the radio calls, which was a bit nerve wracking but satisfying once I had done them.

My next lesson is this Saturday and I cannot wait!


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