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Noah Tanzen

Noah Tanzen from Mount Beauty in Victoria.

Matilda Penfold from Regional Queensland

Melanie Hawksworth from Buffalo River in Victoria




Noah is a 16 year old who currently attends Mount Beauty Secondary College in NE Victoria. He works part time on a local farm as well as cleaning a lodge nearby and is a CFA Volunteer. His regular weekend consists of going to the local airfield, checking out if any planes have flown in and sometimes washing them for the owner hoping he may be able to go for a fly. In Noah’s words “the most amazing thing. If I was to receive this scholarship it would be an absolute dream come true and would mean the absolute world to me”.


Noah was sent the link to the Kieran Brown Memorial Scholarship from one of the local pilots.


ONE OF NOAH'S TEACHERS, CHRIS WROTE: “I am a teacher at Mt Beauty Secondary College, passing on a student's Video Application. Noah is one of my science/physics students at Mt Beauty Secondary College in rural mountainous Victoria. I am a teacher trying to help out a student who quite honestly is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Noah is an amazing person, lovely to everyone, practical, helpful, honest and LOVES everything sky/planes/gliders. He could really use a hand to get to where he wants to go. This scholarship could be it. Hope you enjoy his video”.

Noahs’ TIF went extremely well with the skies clearing for the occasion.

Congratulations Noah. We look forward to sharing your journey.


Noah's Journey

02 December 2020 - Finally the borders are open and Noah's making plans to come to Archerfield to commence his flying.

22 January 2021 - Noah's First Solo with Jimmy at Flightscope Aviation.

25 January 2021 Noah's flight in the Extra 300.

Noah's Words:

"The flight was absolutely amazing and an unreal feeling. Especially flying inverted above the water or the negative G where I’m only being held by the seat belt and not touching the floor or seat. Really want to go again now 😂".

27 January 2021 - Congratulations Noah on attaining your Recreational Pilot Certificate. A great Achievement.

Noah's Words:

"Had heaps of fun over the last 2 weeks. Thanks for all the help up there Rod, Jimmy and Bev. I appreciate all the work you guys do (and the rest of the Flightscope team). I already can’t wait to get back up there and in the air again".

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